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I had heard of The Kitty Sitter boarding through mutual acquaintances, so when I was called out of town suddenly, I called Laura to see if she could take my three cats at the last minute. Thankfully she could!

When we arrived we were escorted to two beautiful rooms. Both rooms were clean, comfortable, and felt just like home. There were cushy low stools at just the right spot for bird watching out of the big windows and lots of room to roam, perch or hide. One of my cats had just recovered from an illness and I was concerned about him. Laura was very attentive and asked great questions. I felt very comfortable that he would be under a caring and experienced, watchful eye and that, if he should have a relapse, he would be in fully competent hands.

Laura had provided a questionnaire beforehand and went through everything for each of the cats with me, including their personalities and what they each liked to play with! I was so totally comfortable by the time I left that I had no concerns about the quality of care that would be provided. And I found that my confidence was not misplaced. Laura left messages for me on my phone while I was away so that I could rest assured that everyone was OK. And when I got back . . . well, the whole gang looked like they would just as soon stay with Laura as go home! In fact, my “shy boy” seemed more relaxed and happy than he was at home!

I am so pleased with Laura that I won’t be going anywhere else. I can highly and without reservation recommend her for your boarding needs.

P.H., Hillsboro


Thank you so much for giving Snapper such a warm and loving home away from home.  I know he enjoyed each stay with you for he always came back spoiled, happy and contented.  I felt so much at ease on long outings and vacations knowing that Snapper had the best of care and was showered with love and attention during his stay with you.  Thank you again for caring for Snapper when the need arose. 

J.C., Tigard , Oregon


Whenever an opportunity occurs to go out of town, I first check with Laura Speirs to be sure my cats have a safe and cage-less place to stay! Both of my male cats feel Laura’s open rooms are their “home away from home.” When I come to pick them up, whether it be after a weekend or a month, they are always calm, relaxed and healthy--the rooms are spotless and pest free and set up well for a cat's amusement. I also like the fact that Laura is able to spend time each day with my boys, as their rooms are located in her home. It's quite clear how much she loves my boys and this is important to me. Laura's is the best arrangement I have ever had in ten years and I recommend The Kitty Sitter without reservation.

S.L., Lake Oswego


(From a feline's perspective, as transcribed by her mom)

Hi-My name is "Bella" and Laura is my kitty sitter. My Mom and Dad like to leave me at her house because they know that I will be taken real good care of while I am there. You can just tell (by my natural instincts, you know) that Laura loves all of us kitties and will take good care of us. I am afraid I am not always as friendly as I should be and my Mom scolds me for it, but down deep I know that Laura is really looking out for me. She is always patient with my "moods." It is very hard for my Mom and Dad to leave me anywhere, but they feel comfortable leaving me with Laura.

Laura spends individual time with me and makes me feel not so "abandoned," which is how I feel when my parents go somewhere and can't take me. My mom says that it is easy to work around Laura's schedule so we have never have any scheduling conflicts. I always have a lot to tell my parents about on the way home when they come pick me up and I have been at "kitty kamp"- it is always exciting to get out of the house and smell new smells and see new things.


That's about it-this is Bella, the happy kitty-kamper, signing off.

Meow !


Laura is the only sitter I can leave my cats to with a clear conscience! She's dependable, qualified, and, most of all, very affectionate.

The best validation of her ability to connect with felines is what I witnessed when I came to pick up my kitty after first time boarding. My formerly abused, highly defensive, adopted cat bonded in just two days with Laura by allowing her to pet her, and even nudging Laura's hands for affection! We were completely awestruck watching our cat and Laura respond to each other! Of the 6 years we had our kitty, no other cat behaviorists/sitters in the Portland area we've worked with did what Laura accomplished with our cat. Other than my husband and me, she is the only other person who gained the trust of our abused cat. Even more proof of this, is that our cat even lets Laura pick her up and kiss her now!

Laura truly posseses wisdom and insight with felines, no matter how difficult the situation -- a cat's fairy godmother come true!

JL, Portland




Laura has been an absolute angel to our family. We unknowingly adopted a cat with a heart disorder that was very sick. My husband and I have no medical background and we were at a complete loss as to how to care for this 2.5 lb. kitten named Buoy. Laura made great efforts to teach us how to administer his medication, what behaviors to watch for to analyze his health, and how to take care of him in our home.

"Buoy" developed some perplexing behavior problems as he became an adult. We consulted Laura for her advice and she had much to say that helped us understand what was going on and also gave us many things to try to help Buoy. We were amazed by her knowledge and insights. She clearly has a very special connection with cats.

I am grateful to say that, after 2 years, Buoy is still with us and a happy 7 lb. kitty, due in part to the wonderful program that Laura helped us implement. Every day he makes our life better and we so are grateful to have him. Without Laura's advice we believe he would not have done as well. There is NO ONE I trust more to care for Buoy than Laura. There is simply no person I know that loves cats more or puts in the same measure of effort than she does. She is truly an amazing individual.

T.B., Hillsboro


When I adopted Zach from a shelter, he had been cowering under his bed, so of I was not surprised that he did not adjust quickly to my household. I just considered him “shy." Sadly, after a year he was still running from me and there was a 50-50 chance that he would lay his ears back and hiss if I tried to pet him. I just thought I’d have to live with a cat that was nervous, and tense. But when I returned from a trip and came to pick him up from boarding with Laura, I found him relaxed and coming to her for petting. That was when I knew I wanted a consultation to find out what her magic is. After only a half hour consultation, Laura had given me at least a half dozen suggestions to try with Zach. And after only a week of applying her suggestions, Zach was no longer hissing at me. It was only a week later that he actually ran to me when I called his name . . . I was so stunned and happy I almost cried!

But I needed more help. I had three of my own cats and two foster shelter cats at the time and no one was very happy. One of my fosters would interact with all the cats, but wouldn’t let me within four feet of her. Two of the cats were constantly vying for queen status, and Zach was suddenly and inexplicably being attacked by one of my other cats. Laura’s ideas had helped so much with Zach’s and my relationship---could she help me turn this war zone back into a home? I asked her for more help and Laura came back to me with further astute observations and suggestions. She helped with education about how cats behave with each other, what was normal, and how I could help them change how they related to each other. She worked with me to devise a plan that was easy to blend into my schedule and stick with. If one suggestion didn’t work or needed tweaking, she was always ready with another idea. And I liked that she checked in with me regularly to see how things were going. As relationships evolved as a result of the changes we instituted, she was always available for support.

End result? Well, my cats play and eat together now. There is no sound of hissing, growling, or fighting in my home. Recently I was lying on the couch with one cat sleeping on my chest, one purring on my stomach, one against my legs (also purring), and one sprawled on the floor beside us. The former war zone is now a little piece of heaven. It isn’t magic; you have to implement and follow through with Laura’s suggestions but, if you work with her, she will work with you and you, too, can enjoy contented purring on your lap!

Please, try a behavior consultation with Laura-for you and your beloved cat companion-it could make a world of difference to your quality of life!

P.H., Hillsboro


We’ve known Laura for several years and were well aware of her love for cats. Being two 50-year-old life-long “doggie persons” with two 13-year-old dogs at home, we never thought we would be needing Laura’s feline services.
Then it happened—an abandoned 6-month-old orange male kitten adopted us, and before we knew what hit us, we had named him Mitchell (after the street where we found him), had him tested for all the feline diseases, vaccinated, and left him with our vet overnight to be neutered. We were in abject, utter terror over the prospect of what to do with him once we got him home. Through several emails, Laura walked us through proper cat ownership etiquette and gave us the emotional support to take on this joyful endeavor. She guided us to effective books, educated us in behavioral solutions, gave us great direction in introducing Mitchell to our dogs, and in general, made our first experience owning a cat painless. Today, Mitchell’s paw prints are imbedded in our hearts, and he is a wonderful companion to our dogs as well.
Thanks, Laura, for everything.

C.C., Portland

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