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Some answers to questions you might have....

How long have you been boarding cats?
I've been doing this rewarding work since 2001. My goal is to give owners a great alternative to boarding their cats in cages while they go away. My boarders thrive in my care, enjoying lots of room to play in and affection from me.

 What kind of vaccinations do you require for my cat to board with you?
Since I don't mix the cats in my care, no special vaccinations are required.

Do you have any other requirements?
Only one: if your cat goes outside, he/she must be treated for fleas with Advantage or Frontline within 3 weeks of staying with me.

 May I visit you ahead of time to see where my cat will stay?
You bet! Most new clients want to do this and I want you to feel totally comfortable about where your special feline will stay.

 What are your hours of operation?
You may drop off/pick up your cat (by appt.) Mon.-Sat. from 9 am-9 pm and Sunday, 4 pm-9 pm.

 Do you work outside the house?
No. Taking care of your kitty is my work. I stay home a lot to be with all the cats in my care.

 My cat doesn't always use his litter box. Can I still bring him to stay with you?
Yes! I have two rooms with painted concrete floors that are perfect for kitties with litter box issues. As a cat behaviorist I may also be able to advise you how to help your kitty be more compliant with his litter box. Be sure to tell me when scheduling your reservation so I can put your kitty in one of these rooms.

 My cat has kidney failure and needs subcutaneous fluids every day. Can you handle this?
I have extensive experience with cats in kidney failure and have given sub-Q fluids many, many times. I also am quite experienced in giving oral medications, injections, and inhalers for asthmatic cats.

 What provision do you have for your boarding cats if you become sick or are unable to care for them?
I have a wonderful and responsible person who is my backup and is ready to step in any time it might be needed.

 I'm afraid my cat won't adjust to being outside of her home. Should I be concerned?
In my experience of sitting hundreds of different cats in my home over the years, I've seen that the cats always adjust within 4-24 hours of being with me. I give shy cats extra attention the first day or two to gain their trust and help them feel at ease. Once they're being friendly with me, eating and drinking, I know they've acclimated. Then the fun can begin!

 What kind of attention will my cat get? I visit the cats at least 4 times a day to play with them. If I'm not that full, I sometimes take boarding cats into my TV room to sit with me while I watch. This makes them feel right at home!

 Have you ever had to take cats to the vet?
Yes, I have many times. I'm very experienced in recognizing and dealing with most cat health issues. I will try to take your cat to his own vet unless it's the middle of the night, in which case I take them to the Tualatin Emergency Vet Clinic. I'm always monitoring your cat's demeanor, eating, and elimination while she's here.

 What should I know about scheduling a reservation? The first recommendation is that you call as soon as you have your travel plans set. I am particularly busy during the summer and holidays and often book up more than six months in advance.

**I take reservations only by phone. 503-590-6002** (No Texts)

 What should I bring?
All my rooms have litter box with clumping clay litter, radio, scratching post, nightlight, dishes and some toys.

You should bring your catís favorite food, brush/comb, and anything you think would help them to be more at home here. I always recommend that you bring something that smells like you or your house for your kitty to sleep on. Also, donít forget to have a couple of talks with your kitty, starting 2-3 days before your cat comes, about whatís about to happen AND especially make the point that you WILL be back to take him/her home.

 What kind of payment do you take?
I take cash and checks (made out to Laura Speirs), no credit cards. A deposit of 50% of the boarding fee will be required to hold your reservation and must be received by me within five days of your phone call. The deposit is refundable up to seven days prior to the reservation start date.

For Questions or Reservations call 503-590-6002 (No Texts)
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