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" Laura knows more about cats than all of us put together."

C.A. , Adoption Counselor,
Cat Adoption Team.

Laura and Cat

" I only trust two behaviorists in the Portland area to refer my clients to, and Laura Speirs is one of them." 

Cindy Miller,
Feline Behavior Expert

"Don't worry, Sweetheart. We'll figure it out."

Take heart! There is help for you here. It's my mission to help you figure out what's troubling your cat and recommend a solution so that everyone can live in harmony together again.

When consulting me on a behavior problem, so many people tell me they believe their cat is being spiteful or bad, especially if the undesired behavior occurs right in front of them. It's so sad how much these precious and sensitive creatures are misunderstood. Our cats are only trying to tell us something is wrong. To make matters worse for the poor kitty, their unskilled attempts to convey their problems cause a breakdown in the loving relationship the cat is accustomed to, thereby causing even more stress and probably worsening of the behavior.

I have many years of experience observing hundreds of cats in my shelter and boarding work. It was there that I began to notice patterns of cat behaviors that were then validated by the numerous books I have read on the subject. I have mentored with a local cat behaviorist and am an associate certified member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. From 2004-2009, I was the volunteer feline behaviorist used by Cat Adoption Team and have written many articles on cat behavior for their newsletters.

I offer behavior expertise for The Pixie Project and Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals.

I will counsel you on cat behavior issues such as:

- Problems with litter box compliance;

- Inappropriate scratching;

- Preparing your cat for the arrival of a new baby;

- Aggression with other cats or with people;

- How to choose a great buddy for the cat you already have;

- How to introduce a new animal into your home;

- Urine marking (spraying) behavior;

- Creating a stimulating, cat-friendly environment in your home;

- Accommodations in your living arrangement for senior cats;

- Creating a kitten-safe home and kitten training;

- How to transition an outdoor cat to indoor only.

Remember, when your cat is not being its best self, loving patience, NOT punishment, is called for. Let me help you before your relationship with your cat is damaged beyond repair.

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